Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eleven Weeks


Weigh In - 172.8 lbs, a 0.8 lb. loss! I know I'm not supposed to be losing weight right now, but I think most of it is because I have NO appetite, so I am not eating a ton of food, and I normally have to force things down because nothing sounds good or appealing. AND I have been up and moving, walking, cleaning, etc. this past week which is quite a change from being on the couch all the time. So, still healthy.. and at this point I have only gained 4 pounds since pre-preggo weight! I'll have my "official" weigh in next week at the doctor.

According to some websites, I am out of my first trimester at 12 weeks;others say 13 weeks, and some say that the second trimester officially starts at the 14th week. So much variance. Regardless, I'm still taking it easy at least for the next couple of weeks.

My symptoms have still basically been non-existent. I have noticed that I have really bad back pain. I had lower back pain pre-pregnancy, but now I'm noticing it right in the middle of my back. I'm trying to avoid taking any kind of medicines right now, so Brent has been wonderful and gives me about 4 back rubs a day! He's such a sweetheart :). I have been less exhausted recently. I still get tired and have to take breaks, but I've been up and doing things for the past couple of days and have not had any issues. And while I am still having aversions to almost every food, once something is made I can sit down and eat it and it usually holds really well! Now I just need my appetite to come back because as of right now, I am not eating all that much. I am also noticing that most of my clothes are not fitting anymore. Even my sweatshirts, which are normally big, are fitting rather snug in the tummy area - baby bump on the way! :-)

I have made great progress on the house cleaning! Still a long way to go. Megan says that I am nesting already (which I totally deny!) because I have things EVERYWHERE! I just say that I'm trying to organize and sort so that when it comes time to move we have less to do, especially since the farther along I get the less I will be able to help out. This means that I am trying to end my pack rat days... I bought a paper shredder to destroy old documents that have just been laying around, and some HUGE rubbermaid tubs for easier storage.

Speaking of moving, we looked at the house. It was not bad, but neither or us were super impressed. It would require A LOT or work on our part both indoors and outdoors.. so I think we have decided against that one. We found another house in Alma that we are going to go look at in a few weeks once things settle down. We have also found a great townhouse in Mount Pleasant, less that 1/4 mile from where we currently live! It is a 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath with full basement, two car garage, and private backyard - fenced in with privacy fence. This place sounds absolutely perfect! We are going to try and go see it in the next week or so. We never made it by to look at the car, but we are positive that the Uplander is definitely what we want! :-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


If you haven't noticed, there is a pregnancy ticker at the top on the left above our picture! :)


OH! To explain the picture in the last post.. I have been eating M&M's like CRAZY, and I thought they would make a neat colorful picture (my attempt at being artsy) ... other than that, it has no real significance. :-)

Rainy Days

I am exhausted. I realized yesterday that there is only two weeks left until I graduate, that means in two weeks we will have a lot of family at our place to celebrate and visit and whatnot. and the place is TRASHED right now. Not terrible, but I'm usually picking up and putting stuff away daily and that just has not been happening. So I have been cleaning and organizing like CRAZY. The laundry was so piled up that I had FIVE loads to do this morning... oops. Good thing I haven't been going many places, because I've been putting the same sweatpants back on for about a week or so now and just changing my shirt (usually one of Brent's) and my undies... it's just more comfy that way. :-)

I did sort through some of the summer clothes. Luckily, last year I bought some flowy type tanks, which should work out pretty well this summer as my bump starts to grow. AND I have a super cute elastic waist black skirt thing that I can wear because I cannot imagine sweats being all too comfortable once July rolls around. I have decided that soon I am going to have to buy a BellaBand to wear around my pants because my jeans just do not want to button anymore, and if I do manage to squeeze them together it's too uncomfortable for me to wear for any real amount of time. I have also been interwebs shopping and I've been eying a few cute summer dresses!!!

Brent and I have also been discussing possibilities for our immediate future. We have talked to the office staff at our complex, and were basically told that if we want a 3-bedroom, we have to be put on a waiting list. The 3-bedroom with the extremely low rent ($480/month) very rarely become available, and our next option would be to wait for the next 3-bedroom that qualifies for the lower rent ($535//month), which are also hard to come by, or move into a regular 3-bedroom, which is available right now, and do become available often with a rent of $694/month. YIKES. Oh, and if we want to move before our lease ends (September 30) we have to pay a $200 transfer fee.

Well, right now we are paying $594/mo. rent, $20/mo. pet rent, plus about $200/mo. in utilities... that's about $800/month, not including our phone bill, Brent's car (which we only have ONE more payment for!), and insurance. SOOO, we were looking at other options.

Most 3-bedroom apartments in Mount Pleasant are college-student oriented, and have rent payments set up on a per person basis, and most complexes are not kid friendly. We decided that maybe a house would be a better option, and maybe something just outside of the city... away from the college life, but close enough we can still access everything in a short drive. We also figure that since Brent is getting promoted, we will probably be in the area for at least a few more years if not longer. It will just be easier on us since he has a gauntleted job here, rather than moving away and us both being unemployed with a baby(no, thank you).

Well, after looking around we found a house that we both really like!
It is in Alma... which is about 15 minutes from Mount Pleasant. It's a smaller community, but very nice. The house is 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath, with a full basement, and comes with all appliances (which were put in new in 2006). We sent an e-mail to the realtor and plan on going to look at it on Monday!

We have also decided on a car! We both really like the Chevy Uplander LT.
It is technically a passenger van, but we like how it more resembles an SUV and not a soccer-mom vehicle, because quite honestly I am not to the point where I could drive one of those right now (haha). We found one on a dealer website here in Mount Pleasant. The price of the one we found listed for $12,900 and is a 2006 with 77,500 miles on it, which is expensive but if we have an idea of what KIND of car we want we can have everyone else keep their eyes open for one as well. We are planning on going to look at the car on Monday as well! It does get good gas mileage (18/city and 25/hwy), has seating for 7, and has a DVD player in the back for Bean! We feel like this is really the car for us right now, so hopefully we can find one for a good price!

Things are starting to look up for us as we slowly figure things out and get what WE want situated. In 7 days May will be here, I can't believe how fast this year is flying by... and May will not be a slow month:

May 1 - Brent's last shift at Wal-Mart EVER.
May 5 - 2nd prenatal appointment! (12 weeks!)
May 8 - GRADUATION!!!!
May 15 - Coheed & Cambria concert!
May 19 - Mandy's birthday!
June 1 - Brent is officially promoted to Assistant Manager at GameStop!
June 2 - 16 WEEKS! :)

I've been feeling a little better. I still get a little nauseous in the mornings, but I have energy to get up and do things throughout the day. I'm still really emotional, and have been experiencing some pregnancy rage (poor Brent!!!), which usually leads to me crying more. Food is starting to sit better. Not everything, but I managed to eat a good three meals yesterday, which is an accomplishment. Nothing still really sounds appetizing to me, but I usually end up nibbling off of whatever I make for Brent and at least it isn't upsetting my stomach so hopefully that part is on a downward slope and will be completely over soon! I still haven't experienced any throwing up, nosebleeds, or headaches... which is good, apparently I am one of the "lucky ones" according to the moms on a pregnancy website I am a member of. Things seem to be going more smoothly in general, so we are pretty happy about that. :-)

Now we just have to wait until Monday and hope everything works out in regards to the house and the car - fingers crossed!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TEN weeks!

I am officially at 10 weeks. So close to being out of the crazy first trimester! YAY! I'm hoping that things will get easier as far as my eating habits and my crazy emotions... doubtful, but I can hope. :)

Today also marks the day that Bean is officially a fetus and no longer and embryo! She's about the size of a plum - 1 1/2 inches long, and weighs about 5 grams (or .18 ounces).

Megan also let me in on a cooking secret yesterday... if I want to make cookies I can substitute bananas in for eggs (1/4 cup banana = 1 egg)! That way I can still indulge in a bite of the cookie dough if I want. :)

I am also officially off of bed rest today. Unfortunately I woke up feeling like poo. My tummy hurts and I can't find anything that will sit well. I'm hoping that I find something that at least sounds good because I feel like the substance will make me feel a little better. I was also stuffy and had a headache :(. Brent decided he would just stay home from work today and take care of me. I love him! If I start feeling better later I want to try and go for a short walk. I am going to try and walk every day... this will be good for me!

Since it's Wednesday, it was also weigh in day.
Current weight = 173.6 lbs. Only a 0.4 lb. gain since last week! This is good since I haven't been eating very well and I haven't done much exercising or moving around. This makes me happy!

It looks like it's going to be another gorgeous day! Looks like spring is finally really here. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Kenji thought it would be fun to try and eat my popsicle from the wrong end. Silly kitten.

I've been going through about 10 popsicles a day, not so much for the sugar because right now the sound of anything sweet does not sound appetizing to me at all, but more for the fruity coldness of it. yummm. and for some reason the cat seems to LOVE trying to attack the plastic wrapper while I'm eating them.

More Names

While we are still very open to suggestions and input from everyone about baby names, here is what we have come up with so far:

Alexandria Morgan Johnson
Morgan Verity Johnson

Dexter Dean Johnson
Gavin Dean Johnson

We have decided that if we do have a boy his middle name will be Dean.

Our top choices right now are Alexandria and Dexter. :)
This could obviously change, we do still have 30 weeks to go...

Monday, April 19, 2010

April Showers...

Today has been less than thrilling.

I'm pretty under the weather today. I woke up not feeling good at all. I tried making waffles and eggs, but it didn't really set well and I didn't finish either. Even my chocolate milk hasn't been hitting the spot anymore. My stomach feels sick (not cramping, just blah) and I've been having chills. However, they don't stick.. I get warm then cold. Kind of irritating actually. So I've been laying on the couch for a good part of today.

Finally nachos sounded good, so Brent ran to the store to get the supplies so we can make them again. I'm really hoping they set well because I feel really hungry and nothing is sounding appetizing. :(

2 days until I'm into my 10th week! :)
16 days until my next OB appointment! :)
19 days until I GRADUATE!!! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy Nights

Enjoying a lazy night at home watching the American Country Music Awards!!!! :)

Just to Compare

I am obviously not showing yet, but I have some pictures from the early weeks to compare to when I do start getting my bump :)

5 weeks:

7 weeks:

9 weeks:

Sunny Sunday

The past few days have been quite the emotional roller coaster.

Thursday was really taxing, but I'd rather just not get into in this blog.

Friday was quite possibly the busiest day I've had in awhile, especially since I am still technically on bed rest until Wednesday. Brent and I went grocery shopping at Sams and Wal-Mart, then had lunch... Applebee's was delicious! I had a chili and three-cheese chicken penne. It all tasted so good while I was eating, but later my stomach felt very bloated and gross. :( Can't wait until I'm out of this first trimester and the nausea settles itself down. When we got home I laid down on the couch. I turned on the tv, but I was out before I even had a chance to find something decent on. I slept until around 9 when Brent got back home. He and I watched tv for awhile, then decided to go to bed around 11 since he had to work at 7 Saturday morning. Well I stood up to adjust my blanket and sent my water flying off the table. Normally this wouldn't be terrible, but since I had been through a lot the day before and since it had been a long day for me I just lost it and started crying. He hugged me and settled me down, until I layed back on my couch and went to adjust my foot pillow. I noticed a black spot on my leg... IT WAS A TICK!!!!! ew! This is bad enough with I'm not pregnant and overly emotional, but I immediately lost it again. Luckily it was still just crawling around and hadn't actually bitten me yet, but I was still very upset about it and completely convinced there was a nest of them in my couch. Obviously there wasn't, but I barely got anymore sleep that night.

Saturday was very lazy. Brent worked from 7:30-4:30, and I basically never left the couch during that time, except for my 37 bathroom trips (exaggerating, but still.. it's almost like I live in there nowadays). He got home and I had a giant craving for nachos! So we went back to Wal-Mart and got stuff to make nachos, which tastes SOOO good. We also watched "Yes Man" and "The Men Who Stare At Goats", both were very very good movies!

Woke up this morning, and watched "Couple's Retreat", another great movie! Now we are relaxing waiting for the Red Wings game at 3, then Brent works 4-9. It has been a very nice weekend, and a very relaxing few weeks.

Not much else is new. Still no bleeding since last week (YAY!) Still no throwing up. Still downing syrupy chocolate milk like there is no tomorrow. I've also been feeling a lot better, just extremely exhausted.. so it's been an easy 9 weeks so far, only 30 weeks to go!

Friday, April 16, 2010


So, it's a little depressing finding out that most of the foods that I love, I can't eat while I'm preggers.

Today, Ranch and Caesar salad dressings were added to the list. They are both made with raw egg yolks. Who knew? Not me, but now I'm a little upset about it. :(

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Made in the 80's!

Yesterday I felt really good!!!! I managed to get almost all of the laundry caught up, folded, and put away. I got the kitchen clean. and started on the rest of the house.. which isn't actually too bad.

Brent and I were also able to go to the HATS 80's Party, kind of a fun end of the year get together for the group! It was really fun! I did spend a lot of time just sitting on the couch, but it felt good to be out of the house for awhile. When we got back home, I just felt really tired and my back was sore. I also really really really wanted Taco Bell, so we went out to get me some. Tasted delicious at the time, but my stomach is making me regret it this morning! However, aside from the upset tummy I woke up feeling good... YAY! I'm still going to take it easy for the next couple of days and not push myself, but I feel like starting next week I can be up and moving around normally again - well, without exercise and lifting and stuff like that...

Oh! and my next OB appointment is 3 weeks from yesterday! Hopefully that means more pictures of Bean are coming soon! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

9 weeks!

I am at 9 weeks today!

I think all complications have stopped - I have not had any spotting in the past two days. I feel a little more energetic, and just feel better overall. I am able to get up and move around. I even went to class yesterday. My lunch didn't sit very well, and I got really tired and worn out, but I made it through both classes! Big accomplishment from last week, when it took everything I had to get off the couch and walk to the bathroom.

I'm feeling good today as well, so there are a lot of things I want to accomplish and get done! Hopefully I can do it. :-)

I weighed in this morning at 173.2 lbs.
When we found out we were pregnant(at 5 weeks) I weighed in at 168.8 lbs., so I've only gained about 5 so far - which is not bad at all considering for the past week I have done nothing but lay on the couch. My goal for the entire pregnancy is to try and stay under 200 lbs. I realize this probably won't happen, and I'm not going to "diet" or anything like that... but I am going to try and eat healthy and take a short walk everyday now that I'm feeling a little better. No worries, I will never push myself or overdo it - Brent will make sure of that. :-)

Food still isn't sounding good.
I tried to eat a bowl of my favorite cereal this morning, and made it through about three bites before I just couldn't stomach it anymore. Still haven't thrown up at all, but I get so nauseous that sometimes it feels like I'm going to. I am managing to keep down chocolate milk, but not actual chocolate milk... it has to be the syrup and regular milk. I'm not sure why this suddenly tastes so good, because normally I can't stand the taste of it. weird.

I've been noticing that I'm very emotion lately. I cried almost the entire episode of Biggest Loser last night. I also cry when I'm watching movies and someone has a baby. Yay hormones, I suppose. hehe. I also think my lower belly is starting to pooch up. It isn't very noticeable on the outside yet, but I can kind of see a different. My boobs are also huge, which I hadn't really noticed until yesterday. I've been lounging around in my comfies for a week, but then I went to get dressed for class yesterday and my bra doesn't even fit anymore! Other than that, not much else is changing. Still don't have many symptoms... sore boobs, weird food aversions, and nausea (but without vomiting, thank God!) Aside from the spotting last week, and having to be on bed rest I would consider myself pretty lucky.. I hope it stays this easy :-)

Also, every time Brent and I go to Wal-Mart we always stroll through and admire the baby stuff. We don't really want to buy too much because we know we will get a lot at the shower, and all they have out right now is spring clothes, which we won't need since Bean is due in November. However, yesterday we found the stroller that we really really really want!!!! Here is the link to it:

We are so excited!
I can't wait til we can start putting Bean's room together. Brent says I just want to nest, which is probably true, but I have so many ideas and I just want to do it! I also can't wait until I can go shopping for Bean, and make a fun registry, and everything else! sooooo excited. :-)!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Good News!

This update is kind of detailed, I would advise you to not read if you are eating or don't want to hear any dirty details... however, this is my place to blog about my pregnancy so I feel like I can't leave it out. :-)

have been feeling better the past couple of days, and the spotting is becoming less noticeable, still there, but decreasing. So I've been up doing a little more.. not overdoing, but not staying on the couTch all day.

Until earlier today.
I went to the bathroom and noticed a pinkish goo at the bottom of the stool. I immediately freaked out and called for Brent. He said he had no idea what it was (obviously), but that it kind of worried him too. We fished it out with a spoon, and it was pink and gooey. We assumed this meant that it was not the baby because there was no definite shape, and it was accompanied with no blood. However we still called the doctor's office - these people are probably going to start getting annoyed with us, oops. This time we spoke with Dr. Swartz (?). He was very very kind and helpful!

We told him about spotting for the past six days, about our ultrasound and the first visit, and about the pink goo in the toilet. He explained that since Dr. Elliot had noticed a tear on the ultrasound, that what we are noticing is GREAT news! He says that the placenta is just filling in the tear and reconnecting properly, but since the tear was created in the first place that some blood had built up and now it was just working its way out. He said that unless the blood became dark red (which it hasn't, it's been light pink) or if I experienced any cramping with my spotting (which I haven't) then I shouldn't worry at all!!! This also means that I should be fine to get up and move around a little more within the next few days! YAY!

We are so happy about this. :-)

On a side note, I started taking prescription prenatal vitamins, and apparently they have a stronger B-vitamin complex and they are giving my pee a funny green tint. He said that was also nothing to worry about... but still funny to mention. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Names

Here are a list of potential baby names we have so far. Feel free to give us feed back on them... your favorites, one's you hate, whatever. :-)

HAZEL (hehe)


Our list of girl names is longer, because we are hoping for a girl. That is also only one list of names we've gone through... we have a baby name book that we will eventually get around to reading so our lists will probably grow. Let us know if you have any other choices you think we should consider. :-)

Nothing New

There really isn't much new to report on.

I have been feeling a little better, and have been helping out where I can. Usually Brent just tells me to go and lay down, so I don't get much chance to do anything. I guess that is for the best right now. The spotting has eased up. We are still noticing it a little bit occasionally, but it's improving. The doctors that we have spoken with at the office still reassure us that things are more than likely okay, and that it is common for there to be some spotting in the first trimester. That doesn't really stop us (me) from worrying, but I am trying to remain positive!

Three weeks from Wednesday - May 5 - is our next OB appointment. At this one we should be able to HEAR the heartbeat!!! I am so excited for this! :)

It seems that weird cravings are not really hitting, I just go in phases. Usually it is just impossible to find ANYTHING that even remotely sounds appetizing to me, so I've been eating a lot of random things at random times. Hoping that is enough for now, since I haven't really been having "meals".

Still not much change in my body.
I realize I am only at 9 weeks (on Wednesday), but it would be nice just to have some visualization that there really is a baby in there. :)

My new goal for this bed rest time is to read, since I haven't had much chance to do that recently. I made it through one book yesterday that my mom recommended, which was really good. I have another one for today that Brent wants me to read, I just haven't felt like starting it yet. The weather looks gorgeous! I'm sad I'm stuck in here on the couch. We'll have to see if we can find a reclining type lawn/patio chair so I can at least sit outside and enjoy the sun and watch when Brent takes the boys out to play.

I have also set up an e-mail account for the baby.
You can use this to "sign in" if you wish to leave a comment on the blog.
It is a google account.
Password: babyblog

I also thought it would be neat to send Bean e-mails. Tell Bean how excited you are, pictures, whatever... We aren't going to read any of them until Bean is here, I feel like this will just be a fun little way of welcoming Bean to the world :) Just send them to the same e-mail address (

Hopefully this works if you are wanting to leave comments.. let me know if you try it and it doesn't work. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

long day

Today felt like it went on forever! I am definitely not a fan of the bed rest. :(

I woke up this morning still spotting a little, so I decided to not go to class. I lounged on the love seat most of the day, so I could prop my legs up on the arm. Brent made me a bowl of cereal and a banana this morning, but I just couldn't stomach it. None of it tasted good. Finally around 1ish, I got a craving for Spaghetti-O's. Brent ran to the store for me, and I went through three cans and they all stayed down and tasted good! (YAY!)

I started feeling a little better in the afternoon, so I tried to pick up the house a little bit after Brent left for work. Apparently this was a bad idea, because I got cramps in my stomach and legs after about 10 minutes, so I laid back down and fell asleep. I woke up again when Brent got home and noticed spotting again.

Brent and I were both kind of worried, so he called my doctor's office and spoke with the doctor on call. She said that it is probably just normal bleeding since I am still so early in the pregnancy. She reassured us that since we had already seen the heartbeat and been given a heart rate that the rate of miscarriage dropped significantly - good news! However, I guess that just means I'm really going to have to take it easy the next few weeks and hope this eases up - another seven months of laying on the couch would be awful! :(

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Official Due Date

I forgot to mention, Dr. Elliot gave us our official estimated due date: NOVEMBER 17! mark your calendars. :)

First Prenatal Visit!

Yesterday we had our first official prenatal doctor visit! Everything went very well. I had to sign about 100 different papers, but I got a lot of information.

Our doctor, Dr. Elliot, seems like he is going to be great to work with. He did the usual physical and checked everything, and he reported that everything looked and felt normal! The ultrasound from Tuesday was also normal! Unfortunately it did reveal that there was a small tear where the placenta connects to the uterus, which is why I've been spotting recently. He reassured us that there was nothing to worry about and that it would heal itself naturally. The only downside was I had to get more blood drawn, and a Rhogam shot because my blood is Rh-, which could have also been a contributing factor to all of this. I was also ordered to "bed rest" - not technically, but he said to lay low for the next 1-2 weeks. No strenuous activity, no lifting, no walking/any other exercise, no driving, etc. Basically relax and not do much.

This part of it is extremely difficult for me because I am always up doing something... cleaning, exercising, going to class, whatever.. I don't like just laying around all day. but it will be worth it! :)

Brent has been great!! Picking up around the house, cooking for me, or going out and getting the crazy foods that I think sound good.. but actually don't when he gets back with them.., and doing his best to make me happy and comfortable. I love him :)

We also bought our first baby clothes! It is an adorable (unisex) onsie with giraffes and other cute animals on it. We have it hanging in the living room for us to see since thats where we are spending the majority of our time these days. This goes on top of the wonderful Easter basket mom and Kevin bought for the baby which had a blanket, a baby book, Tigger, booties, and cleaning products. We are off to a great start. We are very very excited for the next seven months, and the years beyond! :)

iPhone notes

I have an application downloaded on my iPhone that documents my pregnancy. Everyday I make notes, write my mood, how I'm feeling, etc. Brent found out about this yesterday (I guess I just assumed he knew I was writing in it...), and was interested in reading what I had written. I am going to start logging my notes and everything in here as well so that it will be easier to track and read as the pregnancy progresses :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We have been extremely nervous, well.. I have been extremely nervous, Brent has remained his usual optimistic self. However, this morning I woke up spotting and we were both kind of worried.

I already had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow, but we went in today just to try and have our fears eased.

Well, good news!
We met our doctor, he seems nice. Said everything looked normal, but set up an appointment to have blood drawn and an ultrasound.
Well, the ultrasound was annoying because I had to have a full bladder - and I seriously had to pee SO BAD. but it went great, we saw Bean's heart beat, and Bean! She is about the size of a grain of rice right now (I am remaining hopeful that it's a girl!) and we got her first official picture!!!!

We go back in for our actual appointment tomorrow and should have more detailed information. :)

As far as symptoms go, I really have not experienced much at all. My stomach is a little queasy sometimes, but I haven't thrown up. I haven't been constipated, but in fact have been pooping a lot. I have had some weird cravings, and aversions.. but nothing too crazy yet. I've also had some cramping, but apparently that's normal for the first trimester. Hopefully it stays this easy! :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lil Bean!

A little late in getting this started, but we are pregnant! :D

We are about 7 weeks along, and I am scheduled for my first doctor's appointment on Wednesday! I'm excited to get some questions answered and just to know for sure that our little bean is doing great in there. I've been kind of freaking out about it, because quite frankly I just don't feel pregnant.

I'm hoping to write our journey, and the story of Lil Bean. :)