Friday, May 21, 2010


Here is a comparison picture.. I can see a big difference when I look at it like this:

9 weeks :: 14 weeks.


I am officially in my SECOND trimester! YAY! We have made it 1/3 of the way. We are both very excited... and are very much crossing our fingers for a girl. We have finally settled on a girl's name - a combination of things from previous posts, suggestions, and ideas... but the actual name will be a surprise until she gets here for everyone.

14 weeks!

[Disregard the fact that I look angry...] It's starting to look more like a baby bump and less like a fat pudge :-)

My next appointment is June 2, the day after we get back from Missouri. At that time they should schedule me for our next ultrasound and then we will know for sure!

Almost all of my symptoms have gone away. I am still having aversions to almost every food but it is easier to eat things now after Brent makes them or we go out. I am not feeling as nauseous anymore.. although there have been a couple of mornings where I have gagged and thrown up while brushing my teeth - this is very unusual as I never gag while brushing my teeth. Oh well, can't be lucky all the time I suppose. Overall things have gotten much better and I am getting my energy back! YAY!

And my bump is becoming more noticeable. I bought my first pair of maternity shorts yesterday, and I love them! They are so comfy I can't wait to buy more :-)

I also had my first "craving" last night... S'MORES! Brent, being the amazing guy that he is, ran to Wal-Mart to get the necessary supplies and brought them home to me. I had about 8 s'mores before the night was over... they were SO good! :-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long One

It has been almost two weeks since my last update.. yikes! Quite a lot has happened, so I expect this post will be rather lengthy.

Last Wednesday was my 12 week appointment. We got an excellent report from the OB - everything seems to be progressing normally, and according to their scale I had only gained ONE pound since my last appointment (at 8 weeks) which he said was great! And we got to hear Bean's heartbeat. I almost cried, and Brent's smile was so big it nearly took over his entire face. The heartbeat was at 158 bpm (up from 127 at our first ultrasound).

Saturday was my graduation! Everyone was able to attend, but unfortunately this was the first time in several years that Central decided to have commencement outside and they picked the worst possible day to have it on. The ceremony was all degrees combined, so it lasted approximately three hours. The weather was awful! Extremely windy, raining, and even HAIL! It was extremely miserable and of course I had to pick the worst possible line to stand it so I ended up being one of the last ones to walk... but I waited and I did it and I am now an official alumnus of Central Michigan University! It felt sooooo good! I am so proud of myself for accomplishing one of my biggest dreams. :-) Beth and Brian also got me three new adorable onsies for Bean as a graduation present. This was my favorite!

Sunday was my first Mother's Day! Brent made sure to make it extra special for me! We started the day off by joining my mom, Kevin, and Kevin's mom for a brunch at Apple Mountain in Saginaw. It was a delicious buffet, and I ate WAY too much food.. but it was so good! After lunch Brent and I traveled into Saginaw to shop around and enjoy some alone time together. Our first stop was Old Navy - he needed a new pair of jeans, and I got some shirts. The we went to Babies-R-Us, which happened to be right next door! We looked around at all of the cute stuff for awhile and Brent bought me a Snoogle maternity pillow for Mother's Day - best present ever!
It is a full length body pillow with a wrap around section to put in between my knees. I have been sleeping MUCH better thanks to this, unfortunately Brent is not pleased that it takes up so much space in the bed. hee hee. After that we went to Barnes and Noble, picked out a few books then read for awhile in the Starbucks cafe - since Brent is a GameStop employee, and the same company that owns GameStop also owns Barnes and Noble he gets a 50% discount at any Starbucks in B&N and a 30% discount on anything at B&N. We read for a few hours and ended up buying a few books. It was very relaxing. Afterward, I decided that I wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner even though I was still pretty full from our large lunch. We choose Olive Garden. It was delicious!!!

The week since then has been extremely slow. We have relaxed around the house, played video games, and watched movies. We did go out and get a few errands done on Tuesday. We went by and looked at Springbrook Townhomes in town - they offer 3 bedrooms, full basement, and private backyard. They are also very affordable, for our income the rent would be $590/month - which is cheaper than what we pay at our current place! We do qualify for the lower rate ($369/month) but there is a FOUR YEAR wait list, so we just went for the rent bracket that was slightly higher and the wait list is only six months. Still not optimal, but hopefully one opens sooner! We are keeping our fingers crossed because the place is gorgeous. We also looked around at more baby stuff in Meijer and Brent saw something that Bean obviously just could not live without.

As of yesterday I am at 13 weeks! My bump is getting a little more noticeable, and I am regaining some of my energy. Unfortunately for me, the aversions that I have had to all foods will most likely hang around for all of my pregnancy but the upset stomach feeling I have should go away with my second trimester. I've been pretty lucky with all my other lack of symptoms.

Today we ventured to Lansing. We had Panera Bread for lunch - the ONLY thing that has sounded appetizing, or that I have really craved (sad for us, since the closest one is an hour away!).. but it was DELICIOUS! :-) We walked around for awhile, and had a good time together. We were going to go to the mall so I could shop for some more clothes, since I have almost none that fit right now but we ran out of time and had to get back so Brent could get to work on time... hopefully we will have some shopping time on Saturday.

This weekend will be another fun one for us, Whitney is doing my hair Saturday morning.. then maybe some shopping depending on time, and then the Coheed & Cambria concert that night!

Oh. I almost forgot my weigh-ins.
Week 12 - 174.0 lbs. (doc's scale said 176.0)
Week 13 - 171.0 lbs.

A 3 pound loss!!!!! Brent guesses it's probably because I have not eaten much in the past few days and have been up and walking around a lot more than my body is used to. He's probably right, but I'm not as positive as he is so of course I'm worried.

And so he doesn't feel left out, here is our lovely Purrito:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Under 200!

Whitney bought this ADORABLE onsie for Bean! We LOVE it! :-)

We are now officially UNDER 200 days until Bean arrives, at least until her actual due date.. hopefully she decides to come out on time.

I've been feeling a lot better. I'm really only nauseous when I first wake up, and that wears off after I've been moving around for an hour or so. I'm handling food much better, and some things are even starting to sound good! Big improvement, I would say.

Brent and I have been doing some major spring cleaning around the apartment. Mainly because we want everything to be nice and together for when we decide to move because I'm not going to be able to help much as time progresses, especially if we wait until our lease ends and move in October. So, we have been going through everything, organizing, cleaning, and tossing. The place is looking great!

I have also been cooking and baking again! Today I made slow cooker lasagna, a nice salad, garlic cheese bread, and mini strawberry cheesecakes! It was sooo delicious. It is also what I'm planning on making next Friday when lots of family will be in town for my graduation!!

And since it's been almost a week since my last update (SORRY!) here are some more pictures:

Kenji likes napping with me on the couch :-)

Still no updates on the townhouse or any other houses.
Both of our finals are on Tuesday and then the semester will be over for us!
Brent successfully finished his last shift ever at Wal-Mart.
and now we are anxiously awaiting our OB appointment on Wednesday morning, since I will be at 12 weeks we should be able to HEAR the heart beat! We are SOOOO excited for this. However, we were informed, during the first ultrasound, that I have a tilted uterus, and that it may be very difficult to hear the heartbeat until later on... so, if that is the case we are hoping for another ultrasound and an update picture of Bean! :-) Win, Win either way I say.