Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I realize that pumpkin is now out and peppermint is in, but I cannot give up on my pumpkin spice latte that easily.

I first discovered the greatness that is a pumpkin spice latte about two years ago. Unfortunately, daily runs to a local coffee store can be damaging to the wallet so I knew that habit wasn't going to fly. Instead I just indulged in the treat a couple of times a season and was completely satisfied.

That is, until this year.

I gave up almost all caffeine during my pregnancy, so I made zero runs to the coffee store while the pumpkin spice latte was in full swing. Since it is only offered seasonally I figured I would treat myself to one after Elly was here. Sure enough, about a week after her birth I hit up the local Starbucks. Since it was still so warm here I ordered it in frappuccino form. It was delicious! Unfortunately, that was the night she would not sleep and became very fussy. Apparently even the small amount of caffeine was going to be too much, so I backed down to not having any - which is quite a feat when you are sleep deprived!

However, a few weeks ago my mom got Brent and I a coffee pot and some decaf coffee to home brew! Since then I have been trying to research home made recipes. I had not come across any good ones, and then as if she was reading my mind Ashley posted this recipe for one she had tried!

I tried it immediately and loved it, however if I were to make it again I would try a little more pumpkin to up the flavor a bit. The only downside was that it was hard to watch and make while keeping Elly happy, but it is definitely worth it.

Until I found this.

I love Silk soy milk products, and when I saw this at Target I had to buy it. Then I had the great idea to steam some and add it to my coffee. The result is delicious, creamy, pumpkin-y coffee.

I'm currently on my second cup.
Yeah, it's that good. :)

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  1. I felt the same way with the pumpkin in the recipe I posted. When we go buy more coffee I am putting a bunch more pumpkin in.

    I need to go find this!! Is it soy milk? Or soy creamer? Oh man!! I am getting a little antsy thinking about how badly want/need this.